Hand Hygiene in Hospitals

Hand hygiene is a crucial and cost-effective method to prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections, and in 2009 the World Health Organization issued guidelines to encourage and standardize hand hygiene procedures.  However, a common challenge in healthcare settings is low adherence, leading to low handwashing quality.  Recent advances in machine learning and sensing technologies have made it possible to accurately quantify handwashing quality for the purpose of training, feedback, or accreditation.

Lead ResearcherProf. Vassilis Kostakos
Chaofan Wang
LinkHandwash Monitoring
Project Team membersDr. Jorge Goncalves: https://www.jorgegoncalves.com/
Dr. Tilman Dingler: http://www.tilmanification.com/
Ms. Zhanna Sarsenbayeva: https://zhannina.github.io/about/
ReferencesWang C, Sarsenbayeva Z, Chen X, Dingler T, Goncalves J, Kostakos V.
Accurate Measurement of Handwash Quality Using Sensor Armbands:
Instrument Validation Study. JMIR mHealth and uHealth. 2020;8(3):e17001.
Chaofan Wang
Chaofan Wang

Chaofan is a PhD candidate at the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne