Webinar #8: “Optimization of the digital ecosystem to improve healthcare for people with multimorbidity: the Danish experience”

People with multimorbidity (defined as the co-occurrence of multiple chronic diseases) frequently experience fragmented care and are expected to manage and coordinate a high volume of information from multiple providers about different conditions, visits and self-care tasks. Digital health interventions have the potential to reduce the burden of treatment for people with multimorbidity by creating more flexible and time-saving treatment programs and unburden the management and coordination for HCPs. A growing variety of digital health solutions are available in Denmark, but many factors affect consumers’ limited access to these. Dr. Hempler will present and discuss results from a needs assessment and development phase of a digitally supported intervention aiming to improve access to and coordination of care for people with multimorbidity. The intervention is co-designed with HCPs from all health sectors, consumers and the local community. The project is highly inspired by models from the CRE initiative – i.e. the eco system, the navigator and the optimization model.


Nana Folmann Hempler

Senior Research Fellow Senior Researcher
Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Denmark

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Pilvikki Absetz

Tampere University, Adjunct Professor of Health Promotion
University of Eastern Finland, Visiting Researcher
CEO, Collaborative Care Systems Finland

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